What if you believed in yourself?

It is common to give away power to others whom we believe ‘know more’ and become a passive participant, especially when facing trauma or illness. We second guess ourselves, and lose touch with our intuition. We’re scared, and tend to operate in survival mode, and become unavailable to our creative mind where we have access to possibilities. It saps our energy. Energy for making good decisions, and energy for healing.

It’s time to change the strategy.

I want to inspire a mindset of greater possibilities on your path. I ask you to slow down. I challenge you to expand your horizons. The results are as expansive as you believe you are.

There are common themes behind spontaneous healing. Science has proved it with epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology. You are way more powerful than you realize. And what you think and believe effects your health, and your life. Believe in yourself.

Think about this: Every time you have a thought, you make a chemical. Watch an interview with Candace Pert, Neuroscientist, and Bill Moyers. Link Here

If you really take this in, then observing and choosing your thoughts carefully would be a good idea, yes?

Let’s do this. Let’s change our perspective and get into a new mindset. The mindset of courage and of utilizing your superpowers. Meditation is a great way to train and rewire your brain, creating new, healthier ways of thinking and being in the world. 

THE FOUR PRINCIPLES OF SPONTANEOUS HEALINGS (from the research by Dr Joe Dispenza):

1. They had a strong desire to live a better life. (you probably have that since you are reading this.)

2. They accepted and believed that an innate higher intelligence gives us life, and can heal the body.

3. They believed their thoughts and emotions had something to do with their illness or trauma. 

4. They believed that they were capable of paying attention so completely to this innate intelligence that could heal them. (Meditation can connect you to this higher intelligence). In order to do this they had to completely trust and surrender to the process.

Try my free 4 minute guided meditation for relaxation and healing here.

Even a few minutes per day will boost your immune system.

NOTE: For those of you new to meditation, or at least to my meditations, I suggest you try them out. They may surprise you with a different experience than your preconceived notions of what meditation is.

You don't have to sit with your legs in a pretzel. You can simply begin by closing your eyes and becoming curious (not judgemental) about what's inside of you. Try 4 minutes a day, and see what happens. One of my clients will loop the 4 minute meditation when she wants to make it longer. Try it out.

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