Science is proving that our body's ability to heal and repair itself is greatly effected by our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and intentions. I know this to be true. I believe my cancer came about because of severe stress. Stress that became a pattern for me, albeit an unconscious one.

These beliefs and thoughts which drive our emotions and create our current state of being have a profound vibrational effect upon our ever evolving genetic code. We're writing the programs with our thoughts and emotions.

So what does this really mean day to day?

It means we have to become conscious and aware of the thoughts and feelings we use--to take charge and selectively choose the thoughts of our well being. By doing this we will be up-regulating immune system supportive genes. Beware, there are strong side-effects though with regular practice: happiness + peace. Really.

Meditation can help us observe this subconscious. Meditation can quiet our mind so we can become the observer; so that we can begin to take charge of the subconscious program that runs the body and mind.

Not only does meditation offer us a chance to reflect and change our thoughts and emotions, but it also quiets the autonomic nervous system. Simply by breathing slowly we can begin to empower our parasympathetic nervous system and give it the quiet it needs to begin to re-balance itself.