Being diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic experience. That C word. It’s super scary.

You will likely struggle, experience pain and fear unlike any you’ve ever known. You may have challenges that make it difficult to get through each day. Whatever difficulties you face along the way, the quality of your experience can be enhanced by your outlook.

The journey is a bit like climbing Everest, or running an ultra marathon. It is a mind-game, not just a physical one.

We know there are interactions between our psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the body.

We know stress takes us out of our parasympathetic autonomic nervous system (resting/relaxed mode), where we heal, and puts us into the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). In fact, science shows that during stress our blood not only leaves our core/viscera and goes to the extremities/muscles, preparing to run from the tiger, but it also leaves the frontal cortex of the brain, and retreats to the amygdala/limbic (survival brain). Have you ever felt frozen when struck by anxiety or fear? We can’t think straight because we don’t have access to our whole brain and are thus unable to make wise decisions. When we’re scared, we become stupid. And our bodies can’t heal.

How do we get out of this (understandable) fear, and into a place where we can make useful choices? How can we create the best environment in our bodies for healing?

In my experience and research, there are two categories to be addressed in order to heal holistically; each of equal importance: 1. Mind + Outlook; Brain and Inner Life 2. Physical Body; Nutrition + Exercise.

Studies are coming out as I write this - proving our gene expression can be altered through thought and the subconscious messages we tell ourselves.

We need to wake up; own our bodies, tune in and create our path to health and healing. We need to create a new paradigm.

There is a lot of room for us to be creative and collaborate with our healthcare providers into finding solutions that are just right for us, and, in the process, redefine the experience.

The belief in the treatment plan as being effective— belief in the possibility of healing, is as important as the treatment plan itself.

This is from—Dr Nicolas Gonzales, a renowned Cancer Clinician.
You have to engage the medicine that is right for you. And you have to be aligned with it:
    •    Prevention and disease remission are possible
    •    Your health is under your control
    •    Working with lifestyle medicine is an effective way to send the body a signal of safety and to engage vitality – your body’s natural desire for balance
    •    Your journey is your journey for a reason

My inspiration came from reading two books as I was lying on the couch post surgery - The Biology of Belief, by Dr Bruce Lipton, and then You are the Placebo, by Dr Joe Dispenza. The Placebo book convinced me to commit to a life-long meditation practice. I believe it is as important as any of the supplements I am taking, if not more.