This is not meant to be taken as medical advice, but to encourage you to take your power back when it comes to a topic so many of us fear—yet don’t know much about.

If I had to do it again:

1. I would not allow myself to be rushed into surgery and treatments.

2. I would learn to meditate - pronto. I would begin a daily practice.

(I now meditate for at least an hour per day, and it's really helped me on multiple levels, not just mental)

3. I would take the doctor's information and recommendations and I would go to my computer and start serious research. I would ask everyone I know about experiences with this disease.

4. I would run a fine toothed comb through my life: 

What is the potential cause of the symptoms (tumors?)

Have I been exposed to toxic chemicals of any kind? Are the foods I eat organic and pesticide free? Have I been using toxic cleaners in my house? Have I been using toxic products in my cosmetics, deodorants? Have I been under a lot of stress? What is my outlook? What have others done in this situation? What are my alternatives?

I personally know people who underwent chemo that didn’t work. Soon after they went on a super nutritious diet which healed them. In another case, a guy went off on an aid mission to help people after a disaster, to return and find out his cancer was gone. In a few other cases of stage IV cancers, folks meditated themselves well, without any other intervention. What if they had gone straight for the diet, meditation, or for the aid mission?

I’m no medical expert—I have only my experiences, along with many, many questions.