‘Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth’.
—Marcus Aurelius

I think it is important to note that navigating a traumatic diagnosis like cancer often directs us toward a downward spiral of fear. Life becomes narrow. Speaking from experience, it's easy to circle the drain in your head.

As I've mentioned before, one's inclination is to take the doctor's message as fact, when in reality it is only one opinion. And sometimes that opinion is based on minimal or even false information (unbeknownst even to the doctor). Opening to possibilities and maintaining a positive outlook doesn't mean you are in denial of your situation. It means you are creative and alert, open to receive new information; and prepared to empower your own healing.

I think being a Pollyanna is a good thing. It means you are focusing on the best outcomes. It means you are looking for the good in everyone and everything. It means you are not handing all your power to your external circumstances.

I believe our cells are listening to everything we think and say—even our subconscious thoughts—and those cells are reacting to our messages—the good and the bad. Our thoughts and emotions affect the genes we regulate in our bodies every day, in every moment.

In order to heal, we must believe we can, regardless of our treatment plan.

None of us will get out of here alive. And none of us knows when our number is going to be up (even those who are not touched by cancer). Focusing on the good in every person and every experience, is a better way to move through the world.