We constantly fool ourselves into confirming what we already believe is true, is true. We tenaciously cling to our beliefs--and let them control and limit us.

We do not see life as it is--we see life as we are. Yet most people assume we see the world objectively. Given we 'see' only '1/10 billionth of the information that rides on the electromagnetic spectrum' (Nassim Harramein), we can't possibly be seeing reality objectively. Our senses are limited, and our brain filters out most of the billions of bits of information that comes in. How does this relate to you and me?

It means that we are constantly projecting our thoughts and beliefs onto the world around us (all based on our past experiences), believing this is how the world is. Our experiences of our world and our lives are tinted by our state of being and by our beliefs. You can shift your reality once you start seeing your life as a reflection of your own heart and mind. This is one of the most powerful shifts you can make, because you can shift from being a victim to being a creator. You can choose in each moment, how you want to perceive and behave (not react) in any given situation.

Since we know from the science of epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology, that our thoughts and feelings have a huge impact on gene expression, then it would mean that all of this is changeable, including our health, and the way we experience our lives. That by thinking differently, we can release more healthful chemicals in our body. And benefit from one of the many side effects, which is happiness, and a sense of wellbeing and wholeness. Sounds worth the effort to me. And it takes practice. Every day. Every moment.

The deeper you understand and act with this awareness, the more profoundly you will understand your impact on others. You will understand that as you heal yourself; bringing peace, joy and love into your heart, body and into your life, this will have a ripple effect on everyone around you.

'If we each live in our own personal universe, this means that everyone in your universe is specific to you, and if you shift your reality, grow or evolve, those in your universe must change accordingly. This can be the toughest thing to comprehend, but when you really get it, you have uncovered an incredible power like no other.'