As Mina Bissell has beautifully explained in my previous post (Blog Post 2 . 7 . 2017), cancer cells are not 'enemy' cells to be fought. They are normal cells which have been given incoherent instructions.

What if the same thing happens, on an internal level, based on how we talk to ourselves?

Since my diagnosis, I have found my beliefs have changed significantly. I truly believe we are way more powerful than we realize. When we are stressed, fearful, and in survival mode, we are not giving coherent instructions to our cells. Stress, on an energetic level, is incoherent. Love, on the other hand, is highly coherent, and is a state of vibrational harmony. And, thankfully, incoherence will sync up to coherence, given time and level of energy.

From the point of view of epigenetics (the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.), when we focus our attention on our energy centers (glands) in the body, and consciously bring coherent energy and new information to these cells, we can help the body rebalance itself. 

This is precisely what we do in meditation. We send messages of love to our bodies and our lives.

And when we hold these feelings of love in our hearts, it is mirrored in the electromagnetic field around us, and affects our bodies, our lives and everything and everyone around us.