I am learning.

I am learning that energy is the currency of life. That the more I 'pay' attention to something, the more of that I get. The more I pay attention to what’s right about me and my life, the more of this I get.
I recently saw my doctor for a routine set of cancer screening scans. He came in the door and said my scans were clean. I said, ‘I know’. (I was not being a smart-ass, I simply know that I am no longer the person who had cancer). Yay!

Through practicing the work of Dr Joe Dispenza, I am learning to change who I am. I am beginning to understand the vastness of the world that I cannot experience or change with my normal senses. I am learning to train my mindbody in meditation, to trust, and tap into, the power of the Unified Field.

I am strong. I am brave. I am not my diagnosis. I have power over my thoughts and my emotions. I can change them, therefore I can change my experience, and my story.

And so can you.