NAVIGATING MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL TRAUMA IS DAUNTING, because fear is the first reaction. When you are scared, you can't see other options. I've been there, I know. Through my experience I've learned the best advise is to slow down. Center yourself. There are a multitude of options on the healing path. Take 5, deep, slow breaths before making any decision. In fact, wait at least 24 hours. Remember, when we are in fear mode, blood from our frontal lobe gets redirected to the amygdala (fight or flight brain), which means we can't think straight. Our vision becomes narrow, and we are unable to see alternatives to our perceived immediate danger. Thus, we pass on all of our power to our fear of the worst case scenario.

From a cancer perspective; if only 3-6% of the population are involved with clinical trials, there may be limited information determining treatment plans. It is CRITICAL that you inform yourself as much as possible. Knowledge is power. Trust your inner knowing, tune in. Whether you are dealing with a diagnosis, or a divorce, the fear response is the same. And the transformational process of opening your perception is also the same.

EMOTIONAL STRATEGY: I'd like to help you with this critical part of your journey. As new science shows us, what you think and feel profoundly affects your health, your view of reality and your healing process. Living beyond fear will set you up for creating an optimal healing plan to restore balance in your life as well as in your body. As a start--try my free 4 minute meditation HERE

WORK WITH ME: I work with people in groups and one on one sessions. If you are interested in a one on one session-let's talk. The first (free) 1/4 hour discussion will help us get acquainted decide if this work is a fit. Then we can create a plan to help you navigate your challenges, whatever they might be.

You can do this--you can transform your life - and your health by rewiring your fear response into one of healing and opportunity. Contact me for more information. HERE

MEDITATE: In our meditations we take you through multiple steps to calm your nervous system and get you working with your frontal lobe so you can make wiser decisions, and get out of destructive thought loops. Click here to try out our meditations.

I consider my meditation practice to be the most important part of my healing plan. It helps set me up with a more positive outlook, which then allows me access to more information through my pre-frontal cortex.

If you are interested in more information. INFO@BRAVESOULSPROJECT.COM


Choose the support you most believe in. Believe it is possible. Believe you are worthy. Change your beliefs and you will change your life. You are unlimited.







RECOMMENDED READING: The Biology of Belief -- Dr Bruce Lipton, You Are The Placebo -- Dr Joe Dispenza, Counter Clockwise -- Ellen Langer. See the link above for recommended reading.


Blessings of healing light and peace on your journey.