The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts, but to stop letting them control you. One of the many benefits of this neuroscience based meditation is that you become more familiar with your body-mind connection. You become the observer. You begin to notice how your state of being; your beliefs about the world and of yourself shape your experience. As if viewing our lives through a filtered lens, our state of being determines how we experience our experiences, as good or bad. You will notice how that lens can skew your view, and will begin to ask yourself, 'am I observing this situation accurately or am I projecting how I feel onto what is happening?' You can shift your reality once you start seeing life as a reflection of your own heart and mind--when you understand that you read whatever meaning into situations you choose to believe. You can then use 'reality' as a tool for self-reflection, healing and growth.

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Meditation Groups

guided by Justyn Livingston

guided by Justyn Livingston

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Monday evenings 5:30-7:00 pm Bend, Oregon

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Consider this an alternative meditation class. Learn about the latest neuroscience, epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology -- how your thinking effects your body. Learn how to access your innate healing abilities. Be inspired to transform your outlook and your life.

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"Practicing meditation with Justyn has opened a window of awareness that lets in fresh air and light. I'm better able to notice old patterns of thoughts and emotions that aren't productive or peaceful. This noticing allows me to let go and shift to something new. I've just begun this work, but I know it's a path of greater freedom, empowerment, joy, and new possibilities."

- Beth Jacobi

'By her process of holding the high standard, and gently reminding us to do the same, Justyn teaches us to think beyond our issues and problems, no matter the degree of magnitude. This both shows us how to practice, and gives us the palpable experience of personal healing.'

- Shannon Conway

"With my history of melanoma and skin cancer Justyn invited me to the Monday evening meditation group. I've been participating ever since. I'd never practiced meditation in the past; yet now meditate daily in some form, whether simply focusing on deep breathing for a couple minutes or more fully meditating as experienced in our Monday sessions. My most profound meditation happens within our guided group meetings with Justyn. (Thank you Justyn!) I've discovered through meditation a sense of calm, acceptance, and connectedness. I'm deeply thankful. The practice of meditation has shifted the initial response of anxiety and fear surrounding my relationship with cancer to a place of being present and more relaxed when dealing with regular check-ups, biopsies, pathologies, and surgeries. Every day feels far more expansive rather than the feeling of constriction that so often accompanies stress. Thank you."

- Terry Gloeckler


"Having a mammogram wasn’t a big deal. A little boob smashing, wait for the technician to say everything was fine and go home. That all changed the day things didn’t go as planned. The technician didn’t come in, it was the doctor and she wasn’t bearing good news. There were some irregularities on my mammogram and it would require more tests.

That one hour appointment suddenly turned into three hours that included an ultrasound, “core samples” out of both breasts and more waiting. A few agonizing days later I got a call from a doctor saying, “Well you’re now a member of the cancer club.” He didn’t realize that I hadn’t been told the results of my testing yet. He felt terrible when I told him he was the first person to tell me I had cancer. I felt worse.

Fast forward three years later. I’m finished with cancer treatment but I still have to go in for mammograms. They are no longer a slam dunk. I’ve experienced a worst case scenario and I don’t take anything for granted when I go through that door. The pre-cancer breasts that underwent the “boob smashing” are not the same by a long shot. There is a lot of scar tissue and that makes mammograms harder to read.

At my last appointment, I had a bit of a déjà vu when the technician saw something that didn’t look right. She asked me to wait in the room to get a second opinion. Waiting can be fraught with racing thoughts, imagined fears and what-ifs. Before I had the chance to go too far down the rabbit hole the nurse returned and another technician took her turn pulling painful tissue into positions necessary to get a better picture of my breasts. To say it was painful could never do it justice.

After completing the mammograms the two women were still unsure and asked me to wait in the examination room again. I sat there feeling my anxiety grow by the second. I knew I had a choice at that moment to let my fears get the better of me or choose another way. I remembered the meditation we did in Justyn’s Healing Vibrations class and began focusing on my breath. The babbling monkey in my mind began to quiet as I breathed more slowly and deeply and remembered how to reroute my thoughts.

With each breath I felt more relaxed and more sure everything was going to be ok. I replaced fearful imaginings with affirmations of my body’s perfect health from head to toe. At that point I was so relaxed I didn’t notice the time passing. When the women finally came back about 15 minutes later I felt relaxed and ready for what came next. Everything was fine. I was fine and I hadn’t spent any time getting myself all worked up over nothing.

It’s good to remember that most of the time my fears are unrealized. I’m not saying that sometimes bad things don’t happen because they do. I’m just choosing to not let them take over unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I left that appointment feeling strong, relieved and invigorated. I’m so grateful for the tools I’ve been given to master my mind a little better. I have believed for a long time that when you change your mind you change your life. Meditation is helping me get a little bit closer to making that a reality."

- Katy Yoder