In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with a very rare soft tissue sarcoma. Quickly, I was launched into treatment: surgery and seven weeks of radiation. 


After extensive rehab, I regained my old life. Well, sort of. Every three months I underwent scans to check for recurrence.


After 10 years of clear scans, I was told annual chest x-rays would suffice. Finally, a break from the quarterly visits to cancer’s shadow.


Then, 15 years after the original diagnosis, I found another lump.




Same diagnosis as before. I was blindsided. 


After fully confronting my new reality, I realized I had a choice: I could fall into the black hole of this diagnosis and let the negative experience drag me down. Or I could look toward the light and focus on being positive and proactive. 


I chose the light. 


With that attitude, I underwent surgery, this time with intra-operative radiation. Five weeks of external radiation followed. That’s how I spent the summer and fall of 2015.


Once again, I’m cancer-free. (Update: October 2019, I truly believe I am cancer free and I live my life that way, I am no longer the personality that had cancer).


It was through round two of this experience that something in me changed. I realized I’m way more powerful than I thought. 


I realized that believing in myself is incredibly empowering. I realized I have the ability to control how I respond to situations, and, in doing so, control the resulting experiences. I realized that keeping my head and heart positive is instrumental to helping my body heal. 

Plus, it makes me much happier.


This is about way more than positive thinking. This is about tapping into the power we all have within. Tapping into the power of the Universe. 


I call these superpowers. I’ve unleashed mine. And now I want to help you discover yours. 


It starts with committing to belief in your superpowers: Belief in the power of your body. Belief in the power of your mind. Belief in the power of your spirit. And a commitment to Self Mastery. Meditation is the key.


I’m not saying I don’t have dark moments. I do. But I believe that the right tools and the right mindset can help mitigate the dark times.  They have for me.


Join us and commit to unleashing your superpowers. Together, we're going to thrive and change the way we experience the world.


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Author and Founder of Brave Souls Project - Justyn Livingston, and yes, those are goofy glasses of a friend of mine.

Author and Founder of Brave Souls Project - Justyn Livingston, and yes, those are goofy glasses of a friend of mine.