Believe in your Superpowers!


In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with a very rare soft tissue cancer. Very quickly, I was launched into treatment: surgery and seven weeks of radiation. 


After extensive rehab, I regained my old life. Well, sort of. Every three months I underwent scans to check for recurrence of the cancer.


After 10 years of clear scans, I was told annual chest x-rays would suffice. Finally, a break from the quarterly visits to cancer’s shadow.

Then, 15 years after the original diagnosis, I found another lump.


Same diagnosis as before. I was blindsided. 

After fully confronting my new reality, I realized I had a choice: I could fall into the black hole of this diagnosis and let this negative experience drag me down. Or I could look toward the light and focus on being positive and proactive. 

I chose the light. 

With that attitude, I underwent surgery, this time with intra-operative radiation. Five weeks of external radiation followed. That’s how I spent the summer and fall of 2015.

Once again, I’m supposedly cancer-free. But the shadow still lurks. 

It was through round two of this experience that something in me changed. I realized I’m way more powerful than I thought. And way more responsible too. I want to share this to empower others. It will change your outlook, it will change your life, oh and your health too.